Solutions and Expertise to Drive Your Business Forward

Guided by customers' unique insights and business strategy, ITS combines state-of-the-art technology, customized software components, and diverse expertise and experience to formulate unparalleled solutions that deliver. Working with a variety of Internet-based businesses from e-commerce, to advertising, to content management, to social media, ITS has been doing it all successfully with high customer satisfaction for more than a decade.

We highlight three dynamic areas where ITS works actively with customers.


Business Information, Analytics and Optimization


“The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.”

— Arthur C. Nielsen, founder of ACNielsen

Given wide availability of minable data, it's not whether modern Internet businesses can afford to invest in analytics but whether they can afford not to. ITS provides crucial systems and components to corporations of all sizes to help them capture, manage, analyze business information and use the distilled insights to optimize their operations.

  • Online Marketing
  • ITS helps online marketing, review, and directory companies like Citysearch,, and DexOne to better manage their customers’ online efforts. Providing tools to create and manage campaigns, ITS lends hand both general, national campaigns and specialized ones that are geo-targeted, brand-targeted, mobile and hyper-local. Our tools manage the creatives, keywords, and content categories of these campaigns and track their status, impressions, clicks, conversions and costs.

  • Decision Automation and Optimization
  • ITS supplies modules that analyze marketing data to evaluate the effectiveness of ad targets, channels, campaigns, creatives and keywords. Concise, easy-to-understand dashboards present the findings promptly to the advertisers, campaign managers and the company executives. With ITS’ tools, these companies like Yahoo!, DexOne, Citysearch, and can dynamically and optimally allocate limited budgets across many channels based on channel cost-effectiveness and end-customers’ changing needs.

  • Information Management and Business Intelligence
  • ITS provides solutions to event promotion and ticketing service companies like Ticketmaster, AEG, Fandango, and Evite to manage information vital to their businesses including site content, ticket and event information, and user profiles. ITS’ solutions enable these companies to collect, process and mine activity data, improving the user experience through recommending events based on preferences.


Social Media and Social Management of Information


“Quit counting fans, followers and blog subscribers like bottle caps. Think, instead, about what you’re hoping to achieve with and through the community that actually cares about what you’re doing.”

— Amber Naslund, Social Media Strategist at

Most companies understand the importance of social media. However, truly insightful ones realize that it is the vibrant participation from the crowd, not the number of passive ‘likes’ received, that generate real value and influence. ITS shares that outlook and devotes itself in providing the best solutions to nourish online communities, generate influential, high-value social content, and empower the community members.

  • Social Media Community
  • ITS builds social media communities. We provide technology and software modules needed to handle all aspects of running a flourished community — from scouring the web for information gems, managing user-generated content, controlling access and sharing, all the way to organizing and presenting relevant information in a easy-to-follow fashion. Moreover, ITS uses popular social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. to promote a larger and more engaged audience. With strategic timing and distribution of content to targeted audiences, ITS has been able to build and grow online communities for customers like Experts123.

  • Social Content Syndication
  • ITS provides tools to connect content generated by domain experts and influential users with companies and brands that may benefit from such content. Working through our customer Experts123, ITS analyzes and selects keywords with high marketing value, sources keyword-relevant content from skilled communities over the web, and increases the marketing campaign effectiveness for online marketing agencies like AT&T Interactive. This serves as a great example that relevant social content boosts online marketing efficacy which further boosts the business of small and medium enterprises — a three-way win.

  • Social Management of Information
  • ITS is working on creating a platform that enables any user with access to the web to create, capture, customize, organize, search, broadcast and share information in a universal fashion. In essence, the platform serves as the backbone of many web-based applications where users tap into existing social circles to collaboratively manage and utilize shared information. This enables people and businesses to provide and consume highly relevant and useful information without a rigid structure or a powerful search engine.


Mobile Platform for Internet Businesses


“We are rapidly getting to the point where the single most important medium that people have is their wireless device. It's with them every single moment of the day. It’s genuinely the convergence box that everyone has been talking about for so many years.”

— Andrew Robertson, Chief Executive of BBDO

Mobile is the new web — ubiquitous access, affordable devices and data plans, personalized content and fast connections drive web users toward mobile in droves. No companies, whether doing businesses on the web or not, can afford not to have a mobile strategy. ITS is here to help.

  • Mobile Content
  • Managing web-based rich media like video, games and interactive apps in this post-PC era poses new challenges to many web-based businesses. Mobile content must be personalized based on location, social connections, preferences and past behavior to be effective. Mobile delivery via diverse platforms — tablets vs. phones, iOS vs. android, native vs. browser-based apps — also increases the complexity of content creation and management. ITS is working on building solutions that address all these challenges behind the scene so that our customers can focus on what they do best — creating and serving content.

  • Mobile Advertising
  • As Internet traffic shifts rapidly towards mobile, advertisers, marketers and publishers scramble to adapt to the trend. Because a mobile user’s usage patterns and intents differ from those of a traditional desktop user’s, companies find themselves in need of new tools to provide more individually targeted promotions. ITS is working on a mobile extension of its marketing and analytics platform — adding dedicated models and analyses to individual mobile and traditional campaigns — to help companies unify these two approaches.

  • mCommerce
  • Like eCommerce completely changed consumer behavior, mobile commerce has the potential to completely revolutionize commerce as we know it again. The future of bricks-and-mortar retail could very well hinge upon companies’ successful integration of mCommerce. All these new applications require new forms of data processing and analysis and management, and ITS works actively with our customers in addressing these challenges and helping our customers to integrate them into their existing and future commerce strategies.