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Here are several success stories from our satisfied customers.
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Business Information, Analytics and Optimization Success


“I've worked with many companies in the past and ITS is one of the best. One of their core strengths is Business Analytics and Optimization, and their Global Reporting and Marketing Systems made a real difference in our business.”

— Brian Pike, CTO of Ticketmaster

ITS built an extensive system to allow clients to track ticket sales with meaningful analytic reports where they can proactively address underperforming events with real-time reporting. The system is used by all ticketing clients worldwide.

These dashboards come complete with an alert system to notify the right party when ticket sales change significantly. More importantly, ITS builds predictive rules and models to estimate changes to these vital characteristics when marketing efforts change. As a result, clients can use rule-based or model-based approaches to optimally market events to maximize profits.


Social Media and Social Management of Information Success


“ITS gets user engagement and social technology. Their solution helps us engage with our community members and has improved our business significantly. The capability of integrating with popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter especially helps broaden our reach and enhance our social clout.”

— Tony Kang, Product VP of Experts123

Experts123’s unique visitor traffic has more than tripled with the help of ITS. Social engagement, including the blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr, has nearly quadrupled under the supervision and management of ITS.

Thanks to ITS, the Experts123 website has transformed from a basic question and answer site to an online knowledge-sharing community. With the careful and strategic implementation across many social networking sites to engage the Experts123 audience and users, ITS helps Experts123 keep their finger on the pulse of social innovation.

ITS has also enabled Experts123 contributors to use Facebook and Twitter APIs, allowing users to automatically post and tweet their contributions, while integrating Facebook Connect and automating the creation of a profile from Facebook. It makes it infinitely easier for users to instantaneously create robust expert profiles.

ITS’ tools and widgets also increase audience interaction with each other and the site itself. From the implemented voting and like functions, to letting users vote on whether content is helpful, Experts123 is able to manage flagged content and highlight quality content according to user preferences. ITS also provided platforms to support all of the back end and admin functionalities that Experts123 team members use daily.